Does your child have reading difficulties?

Individual cognitive skills training helps to overcome problems with reading, concentration, memory and learning .

How great would it be if your child could read books on his or her own and do his or her homework several times faster?

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What are cognitive skills?

Cognitive skills are the areas of the brain responsible for how we think, read, learn, remember or make decisions, and focus.

There are 7 key cognitive skills that form the core of our thinking. Only when they work together can they process information efficiently and transfer it into a knowledge bank.

Reading problems occur when auditory and visual processing and speed of information processing are impaired.

How does it work?

A large proportion of parents think it's a lack of motivation

When certain tasks become too difficult for children, the first thought may be that a lack of motivation is to blame.

Very often, the real cause of the problem is impaired cognitive skills. In this case, motivational measures will not only fail to produce the desired results, but will also cause stress for the child.

"The training is intense and involves all cognitive skills."

Maybe your child needs a tutor?

A tutor can help your child fill in the gaps, but it won't solve the problem. It is therefore a short-term solution.

Braingym's intensive training sessions engage all seven cognitive skills, improving thinking skills, memory and information retention.

A boost for every achievement

Intensive training is needed!

Knowing which skills are impaired can help you understand why your child is struggling with reading, studying and homework. "Braingym training strengthens all seven basic cognitive skills.

As a result, the child gains confidence in his/her ability to assimilate information, remember things, and feel that past difficulties have become easy to overcome.

We meet three times a week. Both in person and remotely.

Long-term benefits

One year after the training programme, 98% of the subjects' results remain unchanged. This suggests that the benefits of Braingym training are long-lasting.

The Cognitive Skills Test helps you to know your progress.

Every child is unique

We can only identify the causes of the problem by taking the Gibson Cognitive Skills Test. During the consultation, we present the results and the length of the training programme required.

Please note that we only work on an individual basis, and our coaches follow your child's progress closely.

Individual work, following the child's progress.

This is a science-based approach

"The Braingym Centre uses the BrainRx methodology, which has been developed since 1985. Dr. Ken Gibson has devoted his entire career to this programme.

Today, we count 100,000+ clients of all ages who have achieved positive results. Auditory information processing after this training programme
improved by an average of 13 points for children and adolescents with learning difficulties and 15 points for children and adolescents with ADHD.

Want to know more about research and clinical trials?

Read the studies

Scientific and clinical research

Four steps to stronger cognitive skills.


The reasons and method are discussed.

Skills assessment

The Gibson test identifies gaps in cognitive skills.

Discussion of results

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses that influence the learning process.


A personalised training programme that develops all cognitive skills.

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