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The school year brings challenges not only for pupils, but also for their parents. If your child has learning difficulties - difficulty concentrating, remembering, reading or writing - you need to spend extra time studying. Unfortunately, many parents are too busy to be there every day.
If we notice that our children have learning difficulties, we shouldn't dismiss it out of hand - we can help!

How to help your child overcome difficulties
at school?

Cognitive skills are needed to assimilate learning information. If they are developed, children are able to concentrate, learn quickly, remember what they read, understand what the teacher is talking about or understand the terms of the exercise. These skills also influence how long it takes a child to complete certain tasks.
If one or more cognitive skills are not fully developed, the child will do less well at school than his/her peers. They often get lower grades and are less motivated to learn. In some cases, this can also lead to a desire to rebel.


To help your child overcome difficulties at school, you need to strengthen their cognitive skills. This can be done through a good selection of exercises, which should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified trainer. "At Braingym, we select the right programmes and provide individual coaching so that children with learning difficulties can catch up with their peers. However, the programme is also suitable for those who are doing well at school, where the training opens up more opportunities.


based on results

"The progress of BrainRx participants shows that the methodology improves all cognitive skills. Training significantly improves short- and long-term memory, concentration, logical thinking and the perception of visual and auditory information.

than a tutor

Is your child struggling to keep up with classmates? "BrainGym offers an intensive training programme that develops basic thinking and information processing skills. Eventually, your child will learn to learn independently.

Individual training

Each participant in our programme is unique. We offer personalised training based on your needs and goals. Your child will be trained by a qualified personal trainer who will help them tackle their biggest challenges.

Long-term skills

According to the study, 98% of the subjects maintain the same results they achieved a year ago after completing the programme. This shows the long-term benefits of the BrainGym training programme.

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Important: "BrainGym is not a school and our workouts are different from regular classes. We don't help you master specific material, but we develop a variety of skills: concentration, memory, retention of information. Once these are mastered, the child develops his/her reading and writing skills and memorisation. It also makes it easier for them to concentrate on tasks and make decisions. The result: the child becomes more independent both at school and in everyday life.


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