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About us

We are passionate about transforming lives of children and adults through the powerful one-on-one cognitive BrainRx development program.BrainRx offers an innovative, research based program that can help kids and adults from ages 6 to 106 to perform better in their lives. Accurate, professional cognitive skills testing takes the guesswork out of tackling learning problems. It helps formulate a strategy to identify and attack the root cause of the problem instead of merely masking the symptoms.BrainRx is unlike any other cognitive skills development methods on the market today, both in term of the clinical research backing our programs and results, but also in terms of the patented cognitive brain training strategies and procedures that we use.

Our Cognitive Research Institute and training methodology is placed at the forefront of rapidly growing industry that have a profound impact on childrens and adults lives of all ages. It is changing the way they succeed and thrive in school, work, and daily life.

In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, cognitive brain training is expected to be the next trillion dollar industry. Since we have helped over 100,000 clients enhance their learning, thinking, and performing, we can appeal to adults and children of almost every age. This means you will have a wide and diverse audience to market to.

Licensing opportunities

If you’re interested in opening the world of possibility for those around you – you’re the candidate we’re looking for.

BrainRx is using proven, patented and research based methodology, we target 69 skills which fall into 7 key cognitive brain areas, that determine how well a person process the information, remember, learn, reason, read and concentrate. Working together, they take incoming information and move it into the bank of knowledge we use every day at school, at work, and in daily life. All BrainRx centres are owned and operated by individuals across the professional spectrum, educational psychologist, entrepreneurs, or parents with children of their own.

If you’d like to find out more about licensing opportunities in Baltic countries, contact us today and become part of the largest one-on-one cognitive development organisation in the world!

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Cognitive testing for Kids & Adults

At BrainRx, our brain training plans start with cognitive testing. Before you or your child get started with brain training, we’ll conduct a Brain Skills Assessment. This way, we can identify which cognitive skills are already strong, and which skills can benefit from training. We can then develop an individualized learning plan based on these results.

The Brain Skills Assessment does more than just help us create an individualized learning plan for you or your child. It also offers answers about how your brain or your child’s brain works!This can answer why you or your child performs so well on certain activities, yet struggles with other types of tasks or assignments.

We can then target and strengthen these skills through an individualized brain training plan.By training the brain skills identified in the Brain Skills Assessment, we can help you or your child learn more easily, think more quickly, and unlock hidden potential!

This is an example of the Brain Skills Assesment after a brain training plan

The BrainRx International License

The BrainRx International License is available to individuals, professionals, and companies outside of the United States (there’s currently centres in more than 47 countries around the world). A BrainRx Center will allow you to make a difference and change the lives of many people in your local community. Once you obtain the license, we will provide you with all the answers about operating your own brain training business, operations, marketing and online systems. We’re interested into making your BrainRx center just as successful as the others. There’s a dedicated support team ready to make sure you’ve got all the resources, information and tools to thrive with us.

A growing opportunity

Recently, Forbes magazine reported that cognitive brain training and cognitive enhancement will soon be a trillion-dollar industry. Since we have helped over 100,000+ clients ranging in age from 6 – 106 enhance their thinking, memory, concentration, learning, reading and performing, we can appeal to adults and children of almost every age. This means you’ll have a wide and diverse audience to market to.

If becoming a cognitive skills training licensee and centre owner sounds like a great opportunity for you, we invite you to learn more about our process and what it takes. To learn more about BrainRx International License, download Information Kit.The BrainRx Licensing Info Kit includes information about:

  • What makes BrainRx unique
  • How BrainRx works
  • What results BrainRx achieves
  • Center License Overview and an outline of fees

4 steps into owning a center


Introductory call

After completing the Brain license application, we’ll get in touch with you to introduce you to all the information about licensing.


Qualification call

If you decide to take the next step, we’ll arrange a Zoom call to talk through the Brain business model.


License Agreement

After all the given information, if you are ready to be a license owner, we’ll send you the Brain Licence Agreement for signing and credentials for bank transfer.


Opening Your Center

After you sign the Brain License Agreement and make the bank transfer. Congratulations! It is time to attend training, and make your opening timeline. You’re in business!

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Winner of over 40 prestigious International Awards

LearningRx and BrainRx is proud to be the recipient of a wide variety of awards for our franchise and license opportunities.

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