"Children should see learning as a wonderful gift in life, not a heavy duty."

Albert Einstein

Our history

"Braingym is the first cognitive skills training centre in the Baltic States to introduce one of the most effective programmes in the world - BrainRx. The essence of this programme is individual work with the client and improvement of intellectual skills. The programme is designed for everyone: children from the age of 6, students, adults - anyone who wants to improve their memory, concentration, intellectual abilities, or who wants to achieve better results in their studies or work.
"The founder of BrainRx is American scientist Ken Gibson. The creator of this methodology was struggling with reading difficulties in his youth and decided to look for ways to solve problems that would help strengthen all cognitive skills in both children and adults.
In 1980, Dr Gibson launched the first programme aimed at maximising the mental capacity of each student. Specialists developed and evaluated the methodology and exercises. As word of the programme spread, BrainRx became popular all over the world. Today, 167 centres using this method are already operating in various countries.
Only qualified trainers who have completed an intensive training programme and proven their qualifications in front of a BrainRx examiner can join our team.

Meet our team

Ingrida Klassen

"Founder of Braingym centres, BrainRx representative in the Baltic States and Poland

"There are two most important days in everyone's life: the first is when they were born, and the second is when they realised why." Mark Twain

My vocation and my passion are obvious and clear. I am here to encourage, engage and support others to unlock everyone's potential. "The BrainRx approach gives young people the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them and in the education system.
There are more young people in the world today than there have ever been in the history of mankind. When we give them the right tools to develop their cognitive skills and potential, they will create a better future for us. They will be ready to reach the peak of their mental, intellectual and creative abilities and will know how to face the challenges of the 21st century that we do not yet know.

Justina Inkrataitė

Director of Braingym Centres, Head of Training and Quality

I am by nature a person who cannot stand stagnation and always wants to improve. For this reason, when I heard the offer to help people unlock their intellectual potential, I didn't hesitate to accept! The opportunity to develop myself while helping others at the same time seemed like something out of a fairy tale. As we worked harder, saw the results of our students, and analysed our brain activity more and more deeply, there was an indescribable joy for every victory, even the smallest, of our students! All our clients become like family members, it hurts us when they fail, but the joy of their success is five times stronger! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the development of each and every one of my students and I always look forward to visiting them.

Vilnius team

Ingrida Klassen

"Founder of Braingym centres and representative of the BrainRx method in the Baltic States and Poland

Justina Inkrataitė

Director of Braingym Centres, Head of Training and Quality

Gediminas Zaja

BrainRx trainer

Gintarė Štuikytė


Karolina Keraitė

BrainRx trainer

Greta Valauskaitė

BrainRx trainer

Dainora Kizyte

BrainRx trainer

Anastasija Dobrovolskytė

BrainRx trainer

Juliana Shaburova

BrainRx trainer

Kaunas team

Greta Kačanauskė

Head of Kaunas Braingym Centre and BrainRx trainer

Dovilė Dėnaitė

BrainRx trainer

Austėja Pranckūnaitė

BrainRx trainer

Klaipeda team

Goda Paulauskienė

Klaipėda Braingym Centre manager and BrainRx trainer

Ugnė Andrijauskaitė

BrainRx trainer

Our partners

Rima Baltakytė

Braingym Centres Finance GURU

Indrė Širkienė

Instagram Communications Specialist

About the founder of BrainRx

Dr Ken Gibson is constantly researching and developing ways of working with children with learning difficulties. In his youth, dyslexia caused him to struggle with reading, so he developed a unique technique to fulfil his main goal in life - to help others to learn smoothly and without negative feelings.

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