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Unlock your intellectual potential

"Braingym helps children overcome challenges related to learning, memory, reading and concentration. Children achieve their goals more easily and efficiently at school and in everyday life. We deliver lasting results through the BrainRx approach, which develops 7 key cognitive skills through individual brain training.

Why turn to Braingym?

Long-term results

One year after the training programme, as many as 98% of the subjects are still performing at the same level. This confirms that long-term skills are being acquired.

Individual approach to each child

After taking the Gibson test and individually assessing the level of each cognitive skill, we tailor an individual programme to improve skills and results.

Personal training

Working individually with a coach ensures that your child's needs are the focus of your attention.

When the root cause of the problem is addressed, children's academic performance improves.

Once the causes of the difficulties have been identified, through intensive regular training, your child will improve the 7 basic skills that help develop thinking and the assimilation of information.

How is Braingym training different from teaching?

We are often asked how we differ from tutors. "The Braingym programme does not provide academic knowledge, it develops cognitive skills. The BrainRx brain training method used in our centres is one of the most effective in the world. The method was developed by Ken Gibson, a doctor in the USA. Since 1985, the programme has helped more than 100,000 people unlock their potential.

"BrainRx builds on Cattell-Horn-Carroll, one of the most important studies on human intelligence. According to him, our thinking consists of 7 key cognitive skills: attention, speed of information processing, long-term and working memory, logic and judgement, and the processing of auditory and visual material.

"Braingym is the first and only centre in the Baltic States to use one of the world's most effective programmes, BrainRx. It is based on individual work with a certified trainer, fun, game-like exercises and lasting results in intellectual development.

Four steps to stronger cognitive skills

Sign up for a free consultation

When you meet with a Braingym expert, you will discuss your reasons for applying and get answers to any questions you may have. If it turns out that you need our help, the next step is the Gibson test.

Take the Gibson test

"Developed by BrainRx experts, the test measures the level of cognitive skills. This test allows us to identify exactly where the problems lie and how to target the programme.

Discuss the results with an expert

Our expert will discuss the test results with you. The test will reveal the strengths and weaknesses that influence the learning process. The expert will make recommendations for a concrete plan of action.

Start an individual training programme

Once you've chosen the right training programme, training with a licensed trainer begins. The programme strengthens all cognitive skills and focuses on strengthening weak skills. Once the training programme is completed, a Gibson retest is carried out to assess the results achieved.

What are the advantages of Braingym?

"Braingym centres work with the unique BrainRx programme. It is the simplest and fastest way to overcome the main obstacles to children's intellectual potential. "Braingym rescues anyone who faces learning difficulties, reading and writing challenges, has difficulty absorbing information or suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD, ADHD).

"At Braingym, we don't care about diagnoses or disorders - we are motivated to build skills to reduce or eliminate those symptoms. The support of our coaches helps children to achieve academically or even outperform their peers, as well as boosting their confidence and encouraging them to reach higher goals.


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Our beginning

"The Braingym Centre was established in 2016 and is the only centre in the Baltic States that uses the BrainRx programme. Ingrida Klassen, a mother of four, was looking for the right tool to help her children unleash their potential and secure a secure future.
This is how she came across this revolutionary approach, based on neurodidactics and the latest knowledge about the possibilities of brain training.
In this part of Europe, this method was unavailable.
Driven by her love for children and her passion for continuous improvement, she established the first Braingym centres in Lithuania, which later expanded to Poland.

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