"Braingym helps you not only to achieve your academic ambitions, but also to enjoy the process of development and growth. A person who actively develops on his or her own volition is unstoppable.

Self-confidence grows with our achievements and abilities. Therefore, cognitive abilities that work in harmony not only help us to learn, but also to build our character and improve our psychological well-being.

It's never too late to develop cognitive skills .

"The BrainRx method is suitable for all age groups. Parents' concern for their children's quality of life makes the classes the most popular among children. But it is an equally valuable experience for adults seeking to advance in their careers or to overcome their weaknesses. 

To better understand why cognitive abilities remain important throughout life, not just for people of academic age, we encourage you to watch the video. You will notice that we are constantly confronted with processes related to these skills, not only at school and in the workplace, but also in our interactions with each other.

Learning difficulties and intellectual development

Students who systematically attend our programme show an overall increase in cognitive skills, and IQ scores can rise by as much as 15 points. Significant changes can be seen in the cognitive skills test taken before and after the training programme. The student is able to concentrate more quickly on the task at hand and becomes more confident.

Reading difficulties, dyslexia

If your child struggles with reading or comprehension, our programme can help them effectively improve their reading skills and overcome their lack of confidence. Reading difficulties are most often caused by the following weak cognitive skills: processing auditory and visual material. To reinforce this, we use the BrainRx programme with many different exercises.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, ADD

Parents often worry why their children find it difficult to concentrate, focus and finish what they have started. Why their child is so distracted, impulsive, forgetful and unable to concentrate or focus on tasks. This makes the learning process very difficult for children, and for adults it causes a lot of difficulties in their personal life or at work. Attention and hyperactivity problems are one of the most frequent problems we encounter at Braingym.

Strengthening memory

A well-developed and good memory is the easiest path to good academic performance. Intensive training continuously expands children's capabilities, strengthens their skills in assimilating information, and lays the foundations for acquiring and remembering new information. Children's memory clearly improves after an intensive BrainRx programme of "brain exercise".

Autism spectrum

The intelligence of children with autism can range from mental retardation to exceptional ability. Children with autism have marked speech/language impairments that appear in early childhood and persist throughout life. "The BrainRx approach helps to develop and train cognitive skills to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder and improve quality of life.

Brain function disorders after trauma

Most traumatic brain injury
(TGSS) experience negative changes in cognitive skills. As a result, they and their families are faced with the question: "What do I do next?" Although BrainRx does not diagnose or treat TGSS, our programme improves cognitive skills performance in these patients. The biggest changes were seen in the areas of long-term memory, auditory processing, focus and general IQ.

Children experiencing difficulties in everyday life

Cognitive impairment often affects children's overall quality of life. For this reason, the Gibson test helps us to identify the root of learning problems and how to target the programme to dramatically improve learning skills. The results are clear.

Be confident in your decision

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