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Excellent numeracy and literacy skills aren't everything


Do you know what else your child might need in addition to numeracy and literacy skills? These often seem to be the main areas in which we should excel. However, sometimes we forget one very important thing: oratory.

People tend to underestimate public speaking skills, especially when compared to the importance of reading and writing. However, good oratory skills are indeed important for both children and adults.

Research shows that children who are taught and encouraged to speak up in public perform better in mathematical and logical tasks. It is also easier for excellent speakers to get the jobs they want and to get into leadership positions in the future.

However, why do so many adults and children have a fear of public speaking?

Fear of public speaking is one of the biggest

Fear of public speaking is shared by many people around the world, and has been identified as one of the biggest fears.

Anxiety during public speaking can affect not only a child's self-confidence, but also their future choices. A study at Cambridge University found that all of Britain's dominant politicians and lawyers did not shy away from public speaking when they were at school: they took part in debating meetings, debating clubs, and debated with teachers and classmates. This proves that learning to speak in public at an early age has a huge impact on future oratory skills.

In schools today, public speaking is not a prerequisite - it is not seen as a skill as important as numeracy or writing. However, Cambridge professors have also found that developing oratory skills leads to better results in both literacy and mathematics.

Public speaking skills are quite closely linked to a child's self-confidence and adult encouragement in a wide range of areas. By boosting self-confidence and developing a range of skills and knowledge, the fear of public speaking will stop preventing your child from achieving their goals.

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